Deals Of The Week
REVENUE LAWS in Gujarati - Mahesuli Kayda Hethad Na Mahatvana Paripatro, Tharavo, Hukamo ane Mahitisabhar Lekhanko No Sangrah - July, 2021 Edition Gujarati by Najmuddin Meghani
Goods and Service Tax Law & Procedure (Set of 3 Volumes) By CA Ashok Batra Edition July 2021 – July 2021 by Ashok Batra
Sethna’s Indian Company Law - Practice and Procedure (Twelfth Edition) - 6 Volumes Hardcover – 25 February 2021 by Jehangir M.J. Sethna
Mulla - CRPC - Commentary on The Code of Criminal Procedure 1973 - July 2021 Edition Delhi Law House
Handbook of GST Procedure, Commentary and Rates, 7e Paperback – 25 July 2021 by Rakesh Garg (Author), Sandeep Garg (Author)
Basu - Commentary on Code of Criminal Procedure (CRPC) - 15th Edition July 2021 (2 Volume)
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